A small, localized community of persons or families pursuing common interests or values, and usually sharing responsibilities.

Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is an economic model defined as a peer-to-peer (P2P) based activity of acquiring, providing, or sharing access to goods and services that is often facilitated by a community-based or on-line platform.

Communal Environment

This style of living promotes human connection. People young and old benefit because these communities bring together like-minded people and offer a sense of belonging and security.

Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainability describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth’s natural resources, and one’s personal resources. It is often called as “earth harmony living” or “net zero living”.

Indigenous Sharing Society

Our beautiful people and tribes are diverse and form a spectrum of humanity who have inhabited this planet long before it was conquered by colonialism. We are very distinct from all other societies and have a historical continuity before pre-invasion and pre-colonial societies murdered our tribes, stole indigenous lands and developed unlawful territories.


Due to our deep respect for our planet...

…we work towards self-government, self-reliance, self-determination and reconciliation. We preserve our ancient heritage and traditional ways of life, protect our planet, our ancient languages and promote sustainable culture. We develop and transmit to future generations our ancestral territories and ethnic identity by establishing intentional societies. As the basis of our continued existence as a people, in accordance with our own cultural patterns, social institutions and legal systems, we document and archive our Divine journey into wholeness and create inspiring content to educate the general public. is an interactive social media...

…for business network and marketplace where sustainable vendors can thrive. Our family of like-minded vendors stem from all walks of life and meetup in a digital bridge. Our database provides a reliable and professional labor force. We strengthen cultural and economic ties in native lands and is passionate about preservation, a process for and by people. Indigenous and native peoples have been managing and planning our lands, and passing down knowledge for millennia. We have been the custodians of the environment for centuries. We place the power in the hands of our members to manage and preserve our own rights. We share ideas to develop a more loving, enlightened, cleaner, greener and healthier people and planet, moving towards more cohesive well-being.

Our health and morals have been compromised...

…living in a wicked system guilty of crimes against humanity, deceptive business practices, misuse of power and the mass promotion of negative propaganda. To safeguard our families and ensure our survival, we take a bold self reparative step toward restoration and free ourselves from a broken system that has not respected the planning, or voice of the first world peoples. We recognize the importance to preserve the rights of the original peoples and our sacred knowledge.

We acquire and syndicate real-estate...

…to separate and incubate ourselves and establish safe and private spaces where we can gain a deeper overstanding of indigenous life. As we increase in apathy and share the environment to foster a way of life where we are free to promote who we are without compromising our ideals. We are preserving beautiful elements of traditional lifestyle while dwelling close to nature and embracing -plantbased livity. We immerse ourselves in learning, gaining knowledge and transforming our lives away from the chaos of city living. Come, build MyEcoHive, your home away from home and place where we more than survise, we thrive.


Our goal is to educate and inspire the general public to embrace a clean, green, and healthy life. Get involved.

Pilot Project: Redlands, Florida, USA | #1 Eco Hive

Vision: Organic Farm & Indigenous Retreat Space
Private Ranch, by Invitation Only


Our elders and ancestors are revered...

…not put in nursing homes or neglected. Our children are well cared for, educated by the highest standards, nurtured collectively and empowered for success. Raise and train up leaders and environmental stewards and place youth together to train alongside elders. This has a profound effect on community growth and development. No one is lonely and everyone has a sense of purpose to get up every morning. Our strong sense of community assure we grow old with vitality, not dis-ease.

We await to unite with the brightest and best...

…and identify solutions for integral prosperity. We seek enlightened souls, counselors, educators, engineers, inventors, naturopathic health and wellness practitioners, creative minds, designers, and talents. We seek professionals with experience in indigenous law, training, and planning methods and values, sacred traditions, land use and stewardship. Members and students are trained to organize, gather data, compare ideas and identify core needs to reflect the voice and desires of our community. We address the needs of youth and families to strengthen our communal bond.

We’ve met diverse people and identify solutions...

…that will provide affordable sustainable housing, community kitchen, social welfare, career development, child and elder care, health screening, family support and legal services. Our professional membership and team provide management of land, plants, species, organic farm certification and encourage growth and productivity.  Together, we provide support, knowledge based tools and the skills required to become future leaders.

Every movement on MyEcoHive provides the ability to get fit naturally without the use of a gym. Daily chores, working in our garden, farms or vineyards, hiking or running through trails, climbing trees, exploring nature provide low impact exercises that become a healthy way of life. We downshift during the days to curb stress and meditate, plan healthy meals and commune with our families. These subtle lifestyle changes will catapult us into a life of joy and longevity.

We look forward to our Sanctuary of Time...

…to honor the Sabbath and keep it Holy. We stop every sundown Friday to sundown Saturday to tune into Our Creator and give reverence to creation, our loved ones, ancestors, saints and martyrs. We prepare meals together, play instruments, chant, sing, dance, reason, counsel and support each other. We take time to find our calm, our center and ground self.

Return home. Preserve our sacred knowledge and original way of life for posterity. Take the steps towards experiencing an extraordinary life. We welcome stakeholders, communities, grassroots organizations, and families to embrace our brightest future together.

Is this a religious or governmental organization?

No.  We are a private and independent social welfare organization and indigenous sharing society.  The more members breathe life, ideas and join or establish Eco Hives everywhere, povery would be eradicated overnight.   Create a better way with  E.A.T., powered for the people, by the people.  Though we are deeply spiritual, we are not a religious group and welcome all clean hands and a pure heart to join our alliance. 

Is E.A.T. Worldwide or only for Jamaica?

E.A.T. is worldwide in scope but Redland, Florida, and Jamaica is our pilot project.  Wherever we have members, we should have Eco Hives.  Collective Economics and like minds welcomed.   join us to create model sustainable villages worldwide.  Let’s build a place where we all can thrive!

What is the aim of E.A.T.?

We provide training and resources to those with lesser exposure, the benefits of a clean, green and healthy lifestyle and to inspire others to do the same.  Sustainability practices by indigenous people are adapted to help restore and enhance the natural balance of life.

Where is E.A.T. Registered?

Ecology Agriculture Trade, Inc. (E.A.T.) is registered in the State of Florida, USA, and Jamacia as an Indigenous Sharing Society.  We are also registered government contractors with the US government and members of the United Nations ECOSOC Program.

What is the social media network & marketplace?

In order for our members, vendors, and growers to interact and do business, we’ve developed our own social media business network.  Each member will be able to login to create a profile, add their information, highlight their mission, offer coupons, deals, sell products and more!

What about government or faith based org's?

Of course, everyone can help and join hands to make E.A.T. a great success.  We are leveling the playing field by offering socially disadvantaged producers and farmers an opportunity to receive market for their fresh produce.  By placing the power in the hands of the everyday grower, we will be able to grow and secure our OWN member-powered food alliance.




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