Verified USA Government Contractor & Certified Wildlife Habitat

Clean Food + Sustainability =
100% Freedom

certified wildlife habitat

How We All Can Benefit


Help create opportunities for those with like minds and the same ideals to dwell and work within lush food forests and sustainable transitional green spaces.   We artfully weave permaculture to provide sacred healing spaces.

SHARING economy

Offer more loving and caring communities.  Our ancestors built mighty nations without money and we do it again through fair trade and barter.

APPLY & volunteer

Apply to “My Eco Hive” or volunteer your time or talent at our upcoming workshops or special events.     Mentor, instruct or share data to inspire and empower.   The more helping hands and hearts the merrier!


  My Eco Hive is more than just Digital TV stream or a global farming community. We’re an ingenious network, connecting conscious shoppers, farmers, and vendors globally.


Our Mission

Our cutting-edge Digital TV stream, private social community, and international marketplace, organize and mobilize the agribusiness sector by farmers, educators, vendors, and skills. My Eco Hive offers a safe space for members to network and inter-trade with like minds in an interactive space.   EAT is committed to excellence and preserving and developing indigenous land and environmental protected areas. We integrates innovative technologies and easy to follow solutions for our local, federal, and international clients and communities to do the same.

8-Step Socio-Economic Stimulus

We’re sharing these 8-steps for free for everyone to build model regenerative or sustainable societies within My Eco hive Network.  We provide state-of-the-art technologies and valuable resources and feature a combination of profitable features to drive traffic to your business. – Marketplace

View a PREVIEW of Our Hive at  We’ve built our own social media business network, international marketplace and learning management system. This interactive digital bridge where members and vendors can thrive is OPENING SOON!

Ecology Agriculture Trade, Inc. (EAT) offers agriculture technology, agritourism, farm-to-table, services, and service-learning virtually or in person for socially disadvantaged producers in underserved communities. My Eco Hive is a digital platform and eco-system that supports indigenous and sustainable development through international fair trade, e-commerce, education and regenerative living.

Good Neighbors Garden Club, FL

Ecology Agriculture Trade, Inc. (EAT) & My Eco Hive
The Good Neighbors Garden Club
Membership Dues: $11 month subscription

Unite with good neighbors to grow and share food. Join Our Redland, Florida My Eco Hive Meet-Up.  This is a private indigenous farm and sacred retreat space
Welcome to Our Hive. Thrive!

Healthy Meals a Day Makes an Impact

We have a profound vision to develop and nurture healthy families, establish chemical-free food forests, farms, and foster agro-tourism and eco-friend experiences.  We use technologies, interactive multimedia campaigns and special events to bridge the gap between farming communities, work/study, and cultural exchange students.

 Pilot Projects

Our Pilot Projects are currently in Florida, Jamaica and Tulum, Mexico.  We welcome other regions to be a part of E.A.T.

PILOT: HQ Florida
A Private 1+ acre plot on a 5 Acre Family Ranch

Our farmers and service providers are now able to be considered for important grants or to provide their services and products to grow our local economy.

Jamaica W.I.
421 acres & growing

Our upcoming My Eco Hive for Jamaica will direct attention to the good people of the island who need a chance to showcase their businesses or services globally.

Tulum, Mexico

In the heart of the Mayan Riviera, My Eco Hive is white-labeled with a commitment to aid in job creation, increase revenue and build intercultural relations.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors