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We inspire a clean, green and healthy way of life by creating the perfect model to save our planet, go green and thrive!

How We Can Benefit


We create opportunities for those with like minds and the same ideals to dwell and work within sustainable green spaces and plant food forests.  We grow, share and  farm our talents & resources.


Build more loving and caring communities.  Our ancestors built mighty nations without money and we do it again through fair trade and barter.

Donate & volunteer

Donate to “My Eco Hive” or volunteer your time or talent at our upcoming workshops or special events.     Mentor, instruct or share data to inspire and empower.   “The more helping hands and hearts the merrier!

share technology

 We classify, archive and share the benefits of medicinal botanicals  along with the beauty of our planet, culture, species, and how it interconnects with the lungs of the earth.


Our Mission

To create sustainable intentional societies and agro-tourism in a sacred space to educate, heal and nurture healthy families and communities.

8-Step Socio-Economic Stimulus

We’re sharing these 8-steps for free for everyone to build model sustainable societies.  We provide knowledge and valuable resources and feature a combination of profitable features to drive traffic to your business using technology. – Marketplace

View a PREVIEW of Our Hive at   We’ve built our own social media business network and marketplace. We interconnect members and vendors internationally in a safe digital bridge where members can thrive!

Healthy Meals a Day Makes an Impact

We’re taking the necessary measures to help save our planet while it’s in peril.  Our Food S.H.A.R.E. & Seed Bank will help to provide logistics, proper nutrition, healthy meals, eco housing and source fresh locally grown produce in every region.  It’s the ripe and the right time to E.A.T.   Do it for our planet!

Create Real Change In Our Daily Habits

We salute our sponsors and vendors’ corporate responsibility in going green and doing their part to help enhance our environment.  Your support help provide social services and special events to inspire the general public to save the planet and live holistically.

Pilot Projects

Our Pilot Projects are currently in California,  Florida, and Jamaica.  We welcome other regions to be a part of E.A.T.

Redlands, Florida
1 acre plot on 5 acre Ranch

Our farmers and service providers are now able to be considered for important grants or to provide their services and products to grow our local economy.

Jamaica W.I.
421 acres & growing

Our upcoming Eco Guide for Jamaica will direct attention to the good people of the island who need a chance to showcase their businesses or services globally.

Little Valley, California
640 acres

E.A.T. is the perfect grassroots movement  designed with a commitment to aid in job creation, increase revenue and build intercultural relations amongst members.

Thank You to Our Partners & Sponsors

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