“I’m known as the barefoot heiress and MatriARChitect of E.A.T.   Our tribe is passionate about sustainability and establishing healthy intentional societies.  I’m born the baby, number 8 child of kind and loving parents from tranquil St. Ann, Jamaica.  Since birth, I’ve grown to have a deep love for Our Benevolent Creator which transcends religion.  I reverence Mother Earth which overrides manmade boundaries and government.  My parents used to say, “Behold the dreamer cometh!” That’s because when I slept at night I had vivid visions of the celestials, world events to come, and lots of happy people sharing food and farming!

The Seed

I used to chat about ecology this, and agriculture that, and a have a great desire to  travel the world, learn ancient languages and facilitate global fair trade.   My dad started a family shipping company in 1981 in New Jersey, USA,  In 1996, Dad answered my desire to study freight forwarding, shipping and logistics at the World Trade Center.  Attending classes there increased my love for international trade even more.    In 1999 a good comrade said to I, “Don’t you see the acronym you keep chatting about spells E.A.T.?” At that moment a spark enlightened within and  E.A.T. was born. #ecologyagriculturetrade  

The Vine

It wasn’t until recent years I realized I was being used to channel a phenomenal vision.  E.A.T. is quite peculiar governed by deeply spiritual people who represet no religion. E.A.T. is universal.  It’s designed to share a common ground with the people we share this planet with.  One things for sure, we all have information we can share to inspire others or easy tips for preserving our lovely planet.  As we produce content to engage, educate and inspire, we welcome  your helpful information to benefit the people and the planett.  We grow and work towards increasing farm to table as we reconnect with the land.

The Tree

Our HQ and pilot project is located on a private, 1 acre, start-up, indigenous woman owned organic family farm in The Redlands, Florida.  We’ve been breathing life into this vision.  We are beta testing platform immediately.  Our shared resources combine natural farming systems to increase yields in growing certified private label agriculture.

Even if you’ve never farmed before, is a beginning or commercial farmer or desire to sell your products online, we welcome you to join the grow evolution!  #myecohive


Membership Opens Soon
8 step sustainable model

After years of grassroots work in America, The Caribbean and Africa, we share this wonderful vision and 8 steps to build a model sustainable society.  Our mission is to lift millions of people out of poverty through service education, repair and regenerative agriculture. E.A.T. artfully weaves permaculture and green technologies with the arts. We grow and share clean food, create healthy, sustainable, intentional societies, and inspire families and communities to do the same.

View our current project in The Redlands, Florida.

1. Join e.a.t. & s.h.a.r.e.

Petition to establish an Eco Hive in your area or create your own cooperative.  Plant with strict organic guidelines and offer private label organics. Grow food with a prayerful and merry heart because food is a spiritual thing.  Share a portion of the food we plant for free for members and families in need because Someone Has a Right to Eat (S.H.A.R.E.) Our Community Food Storehouse.


2. digital

Social Media for Business Network & Online Marketplace. We Provide Unlimited Deals, Multivendors, Price Comparison & Business Model for Sustainable Profitable Ventures. We provide eco friendly content and archive a digital timeline of our transformation. We film, archive and use multi-media to showcase the human experience and transformation of lives and communities.

3. The Travel Life

Host Mobile Interactive Exhibits, Classes, Workshops, Special Events, Retreats & Nature Experiences.

4. Global Fair Trade

Support Local Economy. Provide aid for artisans with sweat shop free manufacturing.

5. have F.U.N. in the S.U.N.

 Partner with Faithful and Loyal Businesses to provide donations for members. Local businesses help with seed capital and in-kind donations. These Alliances are Foods Unified Network, donating food until communities are self sustaining. Shippers Unified Network provide discount for logistics operations and freight forwarding services.

6. Aid & disaster relief

Give Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief.  Provide Emergency Medical & Refugee Relocation Services for Members

7. Build Sustainable Homes

Become Certified to build eco homes and properties of the future. Think round, tiny homes or shipping container dwellings and offices! Introduce a range of sustainable homes and dome dwellings built to suit using aircrete, bamboo, hempcrete and other sustainable substances. Hempcrete is mold resistant and fire retardant and our dome structures are used as safe homes to repel hurricanes and tornadoes.

8. Open a LightHouse

Experience 24/7 Enlightenment Centers so our youth can “Grab Life by The Tail!” Themed learning and hands-on activities. Included is on site music, dance, photo, multimedia studios for use with lessons or available for rent for public use. Build a dome center or use existing real-estate properties in your community. Go Green!

Get Involved. Sign up.

Get involved and volunteer, work study, share work or donate.  Data mine, archive or manage our social media.  Learn how you can be a part of our family and make history!

Eco Hive Pilot:

E.A.T. Redlands| #1 Eco Hive

My Eco Hive Digital Channel creates and streams sustainability PSA’s and interactive content from private label to real member vlogs. We make people aware of the benefits of sustainability and the health of the soul and build a soul with a passion for the union and health of he soil and how repair and regeneration interconnects with the health of our species, people, and our planet. Our informative content inspires a clean, green, and healthy way of life, showcase member journeys into sustainability. My Eco Hive Channel provide tips to thrive, not only survive as we build our diverse tribes.



Wellness Retreats

Our restorative wellness retreats hosted by influencers and community leaders allow visitors to experience a renewal of the mind, body and soul.  Grow clean food and inspire sustainable education using creative permaculture entwined with the arts.  Share the 8 step principles of E.A.T. and learn how our origin interconnects with the lungs of our beautiful earth.  


Nutrition plans

Find Holistic counselors and naturopathic practitoners offering customized nutriton and meal plans for individuals and families. Multivendors offer delicious plant-based good food, products and supplements for optimum vitality.  Increase energy, mental clarity, lose weight, build strength with personalized nutrition plans for everyone to enjoy. 

d.i.y. & Life Lessons

Embark on the road towards self reliance. Learn a host of amazing things in our online classes.  Schedule a workshop or become certified at accredited schools worldwide.  Receive grants and scholarships and thrive with knowledge.  


Start an exercise regimen and stick to it with your personal coach and group support and strength training.  Set your fitness goals and achieve success by building a strong body, mind and team.  Livestream group workouts, attend pre scheduled classes or access a wealth of pre recorded videos in our archive.   Learn creative ways to get fit and have fun to transform and renew you!


“MyEcoHive is immense and we look foward to building together to become a leading organic food source.  Finally, there will be a place where wellness experts like ourselves can offer workshops, exceptional knowledge, impartial advice and genuine value. I’m offering Reiki in a natural, tranquil setting at the Eco Hive in The Redlands, Florida.”

Adjwoa & Kweku

Founders, Akoma Healing Arts Collective

“Our hearts are so very warmed because we are on a journey to 100% self reliance.  By becoming Angel Seed Members of #1 Eco Hive, The Redlands, FL., our children have a place to run, play and be free. They are very excited about building the Tree house Project and we are thankful we can grow and share clean food.”

Orisha Oshun & Grizzy tha god

Founders, I'm Surviving Vegan

“I love this vision!  We’re a young millenial family passionate about our purpose.  We desire to build generational wealth and is excited to develop from the ground up with a great team of leaders in their own right.  We look forward to contributing our businesses and talent to build E.A.T. and My Eco Hives everywhere! “

Haile, Honey & Yemari

Founders, Tribe 44 & Honeysoul Show

Is this a religious or governmental organization?

No.  We are a private and independent social welfare organization and indigenous sharing society.  The more members breathe life, ideas and join to establish Eco Hives everywhere, poverty would be eradicated overnight.   Create a better way with  E.A.T., powered for the people, by the people.  Though we are deeply spiritual, we are not a religious or political group.  We welcome all clean hands and a pure hearts to join our tribe. 

Is E.A.T. Worldwide or only for Jamaica?

E.A.T. is worldwide in scope but Jamaica is our pilot project.  Wherever we have members around the world, we aim to establish Eco Hives.  Like minds are welcomed.   join us to create model sustainable villages worldwide.  Let’s build a place where we all can thrive!


By practicing regeneration, preservation, creating food forests, planting more trees, diversifying harvests, and switching to renewable energies we help solve our social and ecological issues. Using Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) and agriculture marketing, we educate farmers to reduce tilling to improve soil health and learn basic ecological principles to make people aware of the importance of the health of the soil and how repair and regeneration interconnects with the overall health of our species, people, and the lungs of our planet.

Where is E.A.T. Registered?

Ecology Agriculture Trade, Inc. (E.A.T.) is registered in the State of Florida, USA and Jamaica.  E.A.T. is a 501(c)4 Civic League and Social Welfare Organization and Indigenous Sharing Community.  We are also registered with the United Nations ECOSOC Program.

What is the social media network & marketplace?

In order for our members, vendors, and growers to interact and do business, we’ve developed our own social media business network and international marketplace.  Each member will be able to securely login to create a profile, add their information, highlight their mission, offer coupons, deals, sell products and more!

What about government or faith based org's?

Of course, everyone can help and join hands to make E.A.T. a great success.  We are leveling the playing field by offering neglected farmers, growers an producers the opportunity to receive market for their fresh produce.  By placing the power in the hands of the everyday grower, we will be able to grow, geolocate, source and secure our OWN member powered food network. 




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Providing Unlimited Deals, Multivendors, Price Comparison & Business Model for Sustainable Profitable Ventures