S.H.A.R.E. Food Pantry & Seed Bank

Healthy Meals a Day Makes an Impact

Our belief is food should be free and shared among those in need.  Our shared resources combine natural farming systems to increase yields in growing certified private label agriculture across all sectors.

Someone Has A Right To Eat (S.H.A.R.E.) Pantry

We’re growing non-GMO food for members and the overflow for local food banks.  We’re organizing one of the largest resources offering geolocation of free and healthy food sources worldwide.   Stay tuned for the launch of

Hunger Relief

Providing a digital bridge to donate or locate free food, find food banks, community gardens and food forests.


Locate food banks and community pantries that need your help.  Volunteer to build, clean up or plant on our farm in Redlands, FL.


Every gift and offering help to fulfill the mission. Your gifts help us preserve our ancient, divine and holistic way of life and to showcase our rich heritage and culture.


Building  transitional spaces and housing. Providing a free database of social services from career training to family planning,