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Food S.H.A.R.E.

Support local economy and shop authentic indigenous organics in  We are a sharing society and inspire clean, green and healthy sustainable life practices.   Members are able to barter or trade through our international marketplace, food S.H.A.R.E. and Seed Bank because Someone Has A Right to Eat!

Bring Friends

Recommend friends and earn rewards  with our affiliate programs!  Intentional societies and communities thrive because because  members have like mind and share the same ideals.   Most times they live and work on the same land which they usually purchase together through real estate syndication. is a lasting gift for our members to thrive in a digital bridge.  Members interact, network, list products, promote businesses and services and share data internationally. 


Would you like to establish Eco Hives everywhere?   We welcome like minds, good help, mentors and professionals from all walks of life.   We are always open for volunteers, admin help, farmers, contractors, social media managers, content creators, IT, security and anyone who would like to share their talent.  You’re welcome! 

You and Loved Ones Can Start an Eco Hive Near You!

Start an Eco Hive in your location.  Eco Hives are perfect for individuals, families, businesses, faith-based organizations, grassroots, municipalities, NGO’s, non-profits and anyone desiring to unite with like minds to grow and share food.  Create clean, green and healthy societies and villages.  Send us an email.

Other Regions

Our goal is to educate and inspire the general public to go green, get involved and embrace a clean, green and healthy life.

Get Involved With Other Projects 

  • E.A.T. Jamaica | Operation Beautification
  • Rally Around Haile Selassie I High School, St. Andrew,
  • Walkerswood, St. Ann, School District
  • Negril, Jamaica 2014-Present in partnership with Jamaicans Abroad Helping Jamaicans at Home (JAHJAH) Foundation (
  • E.A.T. Ethiopia | Inter-connecting the JRDC Shashamane school with the Haile Selassie I High School, Jamaica
  • : Social Media for Business Network & Marketplace hosting shared data and classification the identification and benefits of indigenous and native botanicals and species.

We invite all family and friends at home and abroad to be a part of this dynamic initiative. You are welcome to join in and add creative ideas to this neighborhood beautification and indigenous heritage preservation program. Anyone desiring to join, donate, sponsor or for vendor opportunities, please call (954) 673-6823, or email to help restore our natural balance.

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Join the Grow Evolution.  We would love to hear from you! 

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+1 (954) 673-6823


Is this a religious or governmental organization?

No.  We are a private and independent social welfare organization and indigenous sharing society.  The more members breathe life, ideas and join or establish Eco Hives everywhere, povery would be eradicated overnight.   Create a better way with  E.A.T., powered for the people, by the people.  Though we are deeply spiritual, we are not a religious group and welcome all clean hands and a pure heart to join our alliance. 

Is E.A.T. Worldwide or only for Jamaica?

E.A.T. is worldwide in scope but Redland, Florida, and Jamaica is our pilot project.  Wherever we have members, we should have Eco Hives.  Collective Economics and like minds welcomed.   join us to create model sustainable villages worldwide.  Let’s build a place where we all can thrive!

What is the aim of E.A.T.?

We provide training and resources to those with lesser exposure, the benefits of a clean, green and healthy lifestyle and to inspire others to do the same.  Sustainability practices by indigenous people are adapted to help restore and enhance the natural balance of life.

Where is E.A.T. Registered?

Ecology Agriculture Trade, Inc. (E.A.T.) is registered in the State of Florida, USA, and Jamacia as an Indigenous Sharing Society.  We are also registered government contractors with the US government and members of the United Nations ECOSOC Program.

What is the social media network & marketplace?

In order for our members, vendors, and growers to interact and do business, we’ve developed our own social media business network.  Each member will be able to login to create a profile, add their information, highlight their mission, offer coupons, deals, sell products and more!

What about government or faith based org's?

Of course, everyone can help and join hands to make E.A.T. a great success.  We are leveling the playing field by offering socially disadvantaged producers and farmers an opportunity to receive market for their fresh produce.  By placing the power in the hands of the everyday grower, we will be able to grow and secure our OWN member-powered food alliance.

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