About E.A.T.

Project Ecology, Agriculture, Trade Mission


E.A.T. is a forward thinking vision with an expressed mission to facilitate cooperative training in urban and rural areas to create sustainable development communities nationally and abroad.  These communities will serve in restoring the ecological environments of the designated regions as well as increase enthusiasm, bridge gaps and build awareness about sustainable and farming practices and the need to “Go Green”.   In an effort to preserve the natural environment, increase farm to table projects and promote international trade, we invite our global partners to join in and get involved. Support our Youth Environmental Ambassadors, “Renegade Farmers” Club.



Through engaging festivals, health fairs and multimedia events, we introduce socially conscious products and eco friendly services to our community, our focus is our youth.  They connect with other youth, try natural and organic products, participate in hands on workshops and earn points to redeem for rewards towards a healthy life!   We provide children with resources and mentorship to invent the next best thing with option to start a local cooperative with other children in the network.  They invest in an organic garden and share ideas and learn important trade skills.  By working with other gardens in the network, they provide healthy meals not only for their own school, for the poor but to trade and sell as well.  This Eco-Agro-Trade business introduce and supply well needed organic produce-based meals and help mold our youth to the benefit of a life of service and gratitude.



We’re on a mission to provide an organic garden in participating communities!


We’ve been given about 100 acres of land in South Florida and Jamaica to solely be used for E.A.T.  We intend to utilize these gifted lands in these regions to initiate our pilot project. This mission will involve the planting out of most of this acreage with donated organic seeds, an effort of enormous importance given the current custom of utilizing GMO seeds and artificial farming practices predominate today.  Our start-up gardens are based in Lauderhill, Sunrise, Miramar, Miami Florida, with St. Ann, Portland and Kingston, Jamaica.

Given the favorable reputation of your company for providing the public with high quality organic standards and services, we are honored if you would sponsor this healthy life change.  We are asking bulk samples of your service or product to introduce to attendees.  Representatives from your company are invited to exhibit, display tents, signage, tables, and showcase your services or samples at our events.  You’re invited to build your brand alongside an organization that is making a difference where it’s needed the most, a child’s meal.


Thank you very much for your consideration.


Sis. Fan’aye SunLight-Selassie, founder