Outa Earth Processors, Ltd. & Farm


Outa Earth Processors Ltd is known for its production of the finest Jamaican Black and Gold castor oil, which have won first prize at the annual Jamaica Agriculture Society’s, Denbigh Agricultural and Industrial Show, for two consecutive years(2011 and 2012). This family owned business has been run along holistic  lines with a mandate to support the Jamaican economy by promoting and protecting the culture and care of traditional processing methods for  our most famous Castor oil.

We are indeed proud of our oil which is produced using the traditional open fire boiling method, with the introduction of machinery to press the beans. Castor  oil has been part of the Jamaica’s cultural heritage since the middle of the nineteenth century when it was introduced by the colonial  government. Most of the seeds strains found on the island are from the original stock which came from Egypt and the Southern United States. Many new strains have been introduced since then, however it is the Jamaican wild variety, from the original stock,  that is most successful and grows in all soil types from the mountains to the coastline. Our oil is produced from these seeds gathered in the wild by small farmers in over six parishes.

Castor oil was traditionally known mainly as an excellent hair oil and laxative, however with modern research it has been identified to be useful in over twenty six (26) different industries from medical to industrial applications.  Visit http://outaearthltd.com


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