JRDC Shashemene School, Ethiopia

We look forward to unfiying strengths to create a self sustaining school

Our Goal?

We’re on a mission to provide an organic garden for every school!


rastafari-tv-wish-list-community-giving-donateTo create an oasis and green space at the school to be used as a center of training and inspiration for the surrounding community of  Shashemene, Ethiopia.


Organic Seeds, garden tools, farming equipment

Computers, desks, chairs and office furniture

Book bags filled with school supplies program

Goody bags filled with organic and natural products samples, healthy snacks and more!

Donation of medical supplies & first aid kits for School Nurses Station

Certified contractor & health inspector assessment
Analysis: Total Cost of repairs & Eco Upgrade for JRDC School

“Go Solar” Future Project for school
Transition to solar energy  

Rainwater Catchment & Irrigation System

Donate a Greenhouse with E.A.T. farm to table project

Start a healthy meals co-op

Plan Field trips with The Environmental Club

Farm.  Community Service.  Outdoor Classes & Fiedtrips

Honorable Mentors Program

Fund A JRDC Scholarship Fund for youth in need


We intend to expand the meal program and create the infrastructure to rebuild and nurture a community garden through an eco-preneurship project- with YOUR help.

To ensure ongoing support and sustainability, we have called upon the help of family, friends and alumni to provide scholarships; to repair, green and beautify the school to positively impact the surrounding Shashemene community.  In addition, we would like to explore: a farm to table organic garden project that creates healthy meals for the students; the development of a multimedia and music center in the future where we can wisely use technology and music to help heal and bridge the gap between cultures at home.  This hub would be a safe place where our eco-preneurship can meet, be mentored and work on Digital Projects together. We are prepared to organize and implement these items with your permissions at no costs to the school, students and community.

We look forward to a successful mission and welcome any questions you may have.

To find out more about the JRDC School, please visit Shashamane.org

JRDC Shashamane School Purpose and Goals:
To promote awareness of and organize developmental support for the Shashamane Settler Community and similar charitable causes throughout the world. | To foster better local, regional, national, and international relations through the promotion of trade, sports, and cultural linkages. | To support and contribute to U.S. based Ethiopian and other charities whose objectives are in harmony with the Foundation’s goals. | To establish and facilitate communications networks with the Settler community, particularly the youth. | To develop methods of establishing self-help, self-sufficiency, and community enrichment programs for the Shashamane community.



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