Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement

What is JOAM?

The Jamaica Organic Agriculture Movement (JOAM) is a non-governmental organization and is a registered limited liability company that is managed by a seven-person Board of Directors.

JOAM was established in May 2001 after the demise of the previously established JOGA; Jamaica Organic Growers Association. Since its establishment in 2001, JOAM has been managed by four chairpersons, Dr. Joseph Lindsay, Dr. Dwight Robinson, Raymond Martin and currently Dorienne Rowan Campbell, who is now serving the first year of her term.

The main activities of JOAM include lobbying and assisting in the development of a local organic agriculture industry. The work is monitored and carried out by the executive body and by members of regional groups that are situated throughout the island.

Individuals may participate by taking part in the activities in the region, which is assigned according to parishes.  Visit http://www.joamltd.org


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