CHOOSE A SPACE, OPEN A LIGHTHOUSE, 24 Hour Multipurpose and Community Development Centers provide holistic, theme-based rooms with hands-on learning resources promoting E.A.T. Principles.  Open to members is a mecca of delicious healthy meal options in the cafeteria.  Provide temporary lodging for overnight guests.

These incredible home sanctuaries ad a refuge and safe place where our children can learn and play within a sacred circle of love. The Lighthouse provides round the clock childcare and allow you to create a communal space to gather mutually to learn in a creative environment free from     impurities, racial discrimination and false doctrines.

Youth learn to balance the spirit and the mind and tap into their greatness.  Nurture talents, solution building in encouraged, young inventors and peace keepers molded as tomorrows ambassadors.  Share D.A.T.A., which is Divinity, Agriculture, Technology and the Arts.  Practice discipline and self study, learn and network in one harmonious center.

“Grab life by the tail!”


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