INVEST IN, FILM & DOCUMENT THE TRANSFORMATION OF LIVES through family oriented spiritual pilgrimages, medical, heritage and eco-tours for globe trotters desiring more insight into indigenous culture and customs. Film the transformation of participating E.A.T. communities by producing various high quality training media. Bear witness to the beauty and importance of living in harmony with nature, respecting our ancient customs and tune in to our sacred lifestyle.

Organize and publicize eco-tours, adventure treks and spiritual journeys. Encourage the public to reuse, upcycle, compost, recycle and preserve the natural beauty of the earth. Explore the mystery within tropical paradise and discover oasis and hide-a-ways in distant lands. Travel breathtaking coastlines, trek forests, climb mountain peaks, spa under waterfalls, lay in the sun, gaze at the stars and sleep under beautiful night skies. Inhale the lungs full of fresh air, sit still and feel tranquility, yield and surrender to God and nature. Heal in the earth’s natural mineral streams and E.A.T.



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