Step 1. Plant, Grow & S.H.A.R.E.


Guaranteed transparency and accountability.

Being worldwide in scope, we team up to form an Organic Growers Club to grow our own food, supply private label organics to local schools and businesses in a farm to table program. This opportunity is aimed to unify and transform communities to learn how to go green. Invite everyone to participate and sponsor. Provide training and rehabilitation for members in the heart of nature through healthy eating, meditation, self study and fitness regimens. Learn about the basics of ecology and the importance of practicing organic life changes. Invite land owners to gift a portion of their land to farm or garden and they reap the benefits of receiving free food upon harvest. Start your seed bank and save heirloom and certified organic seeds. Prepare spaces for planting and enlist volunteers and interns from colleges, schools and grassroots organizations. Share profits three ways. Land-owners receive 1/3. Next 1/3 is shared with E.A.T. administration expenses, growers, transportation and logistics team and 1/3 towards participating school for student scholarships and Community S.H.A.R.E. Program, which is Someone Has A Right to Eat Food Storehouse and Nutrition Program.


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