E.A.T. Membership Declaration


United, Under One God, One Aim, One Mind, One Heart, We, the children of The Almighty Creator, with full Divine authority and mandate care for and preserve our inheritance, Mother Earth, unite strengths to join a Private Cooperative, Ecology, Agriculture, Trade (E.A.T.), a Purpose Driven Vision.   Our Aim is to build a more loving, caring and compassionate community for socio-economic advancement and development through ecological restoration and establishing certified organic farms, homesteads and forests and to build a BRIDGE for international trade, manufacturing and endorsing packaging alternatives to produce a more profitable and sustainable alliance.

Ecology, Agriculture, Trade, known as E.A.T, families, participants, including member farmers; and youth, being from all nations, kindred and tongue join in oneness to create and support  this sacred sharing economy, working in the highest integrity, honor, solidarity and faithfulness.

AGREE that Ecology, Agriculture, Trade (E.A.T.) play a significant role to eradicate poverty, end hunger through food security, land preservation, market access and food safety.  Our shared resources combine ecological organic farming systems to increase yields in growing certified private label organics.  E.A.T. preserves biodiversity, provides ecosystem services, environmental training and doubles as a fundraiser for development of sustainable communities and green spaces.


  • Gift, Share, Trade, Lease, Buy, Sell, Bequeath Land to grow private label, certified organic food and offer farm-to-table programs to local and international communities, regulating organic guidelines and food safety
  • Honor and Protect Mother Earth and the rights of indigenous and local communities, farmers, gardeners and growers
  • Advance Members with access to green technologies, multimedia, resources, software, databases, manuals, guides and directories to network and share data, information, ideas and investments
  • Recruit Environmental Ambassadors – Renegade Farmers for eco-preneurship training, specifically youth in rural and urban areas in developing nations. E.A.T. doubles as a fundraiser for economic stimulation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) programs and scholarships. We aim to provide an organic garden for every participating school.
  • Provide alternative and renewable energy, solar, wind, hydro and natural sources of power
  • Provide humanitarian aid and legal services, disaster relief and clean up, emergency search and rescue, medical transport, and refugee relocation services
  • Commit to making our earth a cleaner and greener place, adapting to purer and healthier life changes, calling this Declaration to protect and serve all stakeholders, members, policies, investment plans
  • Allocate land to build a model community, using monolithic dome buildings with hempcrete
  • Develop seed banks and heirloom seed preservation
  • Increase local and international trade across borders to deepen access to expand market share
  • Identify and address major research priorities that will support healthy food production and agriculture systems to sensitize society about the multiple benefits of ecological organic agriculture.
  • Liaise and work with businesses and trade partners to join our Royal and Loyal Rewards Program


WE EXPRESS THANKSGIVING and sincere appreciation for the support of all members and participants who gift land free of charge to E.A.T. and to those who provide financial and technical support.

WE AGREE to solidify our bonds toward self-reliance which is the highest science and join today as ONE E.A.T. Alliance.  This Declaration cannot be amended or modified except in writing signed by authorized representatives of each of them.  This Declaration is accompanied with a mutual non-compete, non-disclosure agreement.


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