This is a special gift just for you! A comprehensive guide of these 8 steps is available to E.A.T. members along with invaluable resources to help build a BRIDGE, matchmaking and networking members and professionals to the eco-friendly conscious community.   Our professional team of farmers, growers, logistics personnel is available to help green your business, school, street or town.  We are incredibly thankful for Our Creator for blessing us with this amazing vision to inspire the building of model cities.  Anyone can use these 8 simple steps to create green spaces and self sustaining communities internationally.  A wise saying goes, “Seek knowledge and when you find it, give it away for free.”  Therefore we are sharing the basic 8 steps below to guide nations to a cleaner, greener and healthier planet.

1) Join E.A.T. Alliance or create your own.  Plant with strict organic guidelines to offer private label organics. Grow food with a prayerful and merry heart because food is a spiritual thing.  Share a portion of the food we plant for free with families in need because Someone Has a Right to Eat—Community Food Storehouse

2) Film and Document.  Keep a digital timeline of the transformation to a communal life.  Use multi-media.

3) The Travel Life: Host Mobile Interactive Exhibits, Classes, Workshops, Special Events & Nature Experiences.

4) Global Fair Trade: Support Local Economy.  Provide aid for artisans with sweat shop free manufacturing.

5) F.U.N. & S.U.N.  Partner with Faithful and Loyal Businesses to provide donations for members.  Local businesses help with seed capital and in-kind donations. These Alliances are Foods Unified Network, donating food until communities are self sustaining.  Shippers Unified Network provide discount for logistics operations and freight forwarding services.

6) Give Humanitarian Aid & Disaster Relief:  Emergency Medical & Refugee Relocation Services

7) Build Dome Homes:  Become Certified to build the eco-homes of the future.  Think round!  Introduce dome dwellings built to suit using hempcrete.  Hempcrete is mold and fire resistant and domes structures are used as safe homes to repel hurricanes and tornadoes.

8) Open a LightHouse: 24/7 Enlightenment Centers so our youth can “Grab Life by The Tail!”  Themed learning and hands-on activities.   Included is on site music, dance, photo, multimedia studios for use with  lessons or available for rent for public use.  Build a dome center or use existing real-estate properties in your community.  Go Green!


“E.A.T. is the ultimate socio-economic stimuli”


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